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With active participation from organisations and individuals from around the world, the International Operational Technology Security Association (IOTSA) is rapidy growing. Our aim is to become the largest and most influential community of interest association for Operational technology (OT) security professionals and the associated community and at only £120.00 per annum (£10 per month) members fees to provide a valuable platform that allows members and sponsors to connect, share knowledge, expertise and know-how on cyber resliiance and online security for OT, IoT, IIoT, ICS, IT and AI.

Operational Technologies and Mission Critical Cyber Security

For thousands of leading companies around the globe, the IOTSA provides a sharing and networking platform to develop a knowledge base and source of materials to help inform as well as provide practical thought leadership, resources and insights to help improve the security resilience of critical infrastructures. Formed by a group of senior OT security professionals, who identified a general lack of appropriate security policies, standards or frameworks across the OT industry, the IOTSA, as one of its objectives, is dedicated to establishing a baseline for improved operational security practices that can be adopted across the OT industry as a whole.

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The 10 most common security vulnerabilities in OT systems

Insecure remote connectivity to OT networks
Missing security updates
Poor password practices
Insecure firewall configuration and management
Weak protection of the corporate IT network from OT systems
Lack of segmentation within OT networks
Unrestricted outbound internet access from OT networks
Insecure encryption and authentication for wireless OT networks


20th-21st January 2020 | Dubai, UAE

#CS4CA MENA is an intimate and exclusive platform promoting in-depth cyber security knowledge and collaboration among IT & OT leaders from MENA’s largest critical assets within the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Chemicals, Aviation, Transport, Manufacturing, and other critical industries.

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