About Us

As operational technologies (OT) become increasingly pervasive and interconnected, it is imperative to raise the awareness and adoption of essential cybersecurity practices among users and operators.

Well-informed operators will not only keep personal and organisation assets, systems and information secure, but will also help to improve the overall security of cyberspace.

To that end, as a not for profit entity, the International Operational Technology Security Association (IOTSA) and like-minded partners from the public and private sectors are working together and collaborating to reduce the risk of a significant compromise of our Operational Technology, ICS, SCADA, IT and IoT environments.

Our leadership and advisory team are made up of individuals with deep experience and operational expertise in cyber and OT security across major industry including; Manufacturing, Utilities, Energy, Processing, High Tech, Media & Telco, CNI, Law Enforcement, Military and Intelligence services. As well a range of supporting industries supplying OT related systems and services.

Founded in November 2016 as an international not for profit body, the IOTSA oversees an integrated cyber security strategy and education outreach programme. Our objective is to build a community to mirror and integrate with those successful organisations prevalent in the information and data security space.

Members are made up of individuals with an interest and background in operational technology cyber security and range from executives to operators, engineers to academics, students to old hands. To view the benefits of membership or to join us Click Here.