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Ascot Barclay a specialist cyber security consultancy and service organisation has taken the role as lead sponsor and Co-Chair of the International alliance in its inaugural year and have provided the launch platform for this initiative.


Digital business models are introducing new surfaces, new vulnerabilities and it is Cyber adAPTs mission to keep our customers ahead of the attacker. At Cyber adAPT, we are turning real world threat intelligence into actionable detection capabilities to find more attacks faster than any other solution.

TrønderEnergi is organized as a group with TrønderEnergi AS as a parent company with a number of subsidiaries. The Group has five business areas; FO Production, FO New Renewable, FO Trade, FO Customer and FO Nett. Group CEO Ståle Gjersvold is the general manager of the group.


Silver Sponsors


With unique IT competence and comprehensive industry knowledge, Powel is a leading supplier of software solutions to the energy, public and construction sectors. Founded in Norway in 1996, Powel has grown to be an international corporation with staff numbering over 460 and offices in seven countries. We are proud to support the IOTSA as a medium for developing Cyber Security awareness and knowledge shareing across the Industrial and Energy Sectors.

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As we develop and grow regional chapters will provide access on a local to global scale. If you would like to establish and chair a local chapter, please do get in touch, as a not for profit we are dependent on voluntary leadership and individual members with an appropriate background are encouraged to come forward and be a part of our specialist community. In certain circumstances, sponsorship may be available depending on location and sponsor support. Contact info@iotsa.info